Catch the buzz — but stay mellow.

Hi, and welcome to  Cool name, hey?  We haven’t quite figured out what it means yet, but it certainly resonates!  How about this for a first try?: “Mellow, because it’s not worth getting too worked up over most things — and buzz because we want to stay current to get some excitement.”

We’ve got a million ideas to make this into a network of very interesting websites — stay tuned and see what’s next!

For starters, we’re showing our charitable side with – where we’re providing free discussion forums, one per school, for parents of children at any educational institution in Britain.  This will give British parents the voice they need influence the schools, and provide a valuable source of information for parents who all but too often have no idea what’s happening with their kids.

Everything will change, from the very basic look and feel you see now, to a much friendlier and more attractive environment where we hope you’ll find a home.

We plan to keep the vast majority of our services free — but with minimal advertising and some premium services.

We’d love to hear your thoughts — you can start by commenting below!

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